Right this very second I am being forced by Maddox (2 yrs 7 mos) to play Spongebob Square Pants on Guitar Hero. Thankfully he is happy with me pretending!

Today Alex (5 1/2 yrs) asked me if guys (Andrew & Austin) have school tomorrow. When I replied with yes his responce was “That sucks”.

And the best thing ever – today watching Alex exercising on the Wii Fit.



1. I am greatful that I got to see the first African American sworn in as President. Go Barack Obama!

2. I am grateful that I was able to get some rockin’ pictures of Alex, my 5 year old.
Check out http://ashleyhiskes.com to see them.

3. I am thankful Andrew & Austin have school tomorrow!

OK, first I feel like I should explain the whole calendar thing here. For some reason WordPress’ calendar & mine do not sink up. So in reality yesterday’s post was 01.18.09

1. My boys and I were able to watch Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speach today, on MLK day.

2. We saw actual snow flakes falling from the sky. They didn’t stick, but we did see them. It started right at Maddox’s nap time. Everytime I would try to get him to sleep he would say “No, it’s o’ing”. How cute is that? And the better news is tonight there is an 80% chance of snow. Do you think it will stick? I don’t either.

3. I have a bit of a stomach bug, but it doesn’t seem to be effecting anyone but me. I think it’s just my body not going with the system — again!


I am so stinking with this blog. So now I have decided to make it more of a gratitude journal. I am hoping to jot down 3 (or should I do 4 since I have 4 boys) things that made me greatful during the day. I think I will stick to 3 since they won’t all me about my boys. Most will be about them, but not all.

1. Maddox (27 months) showed me the shapes Triangle, Square, and Circle. I am pretty proud of that.

2. My husband has more faith in my photography than I could ever ask for. Thanks babe! I love you.

3. I didn’t exercise today. LOL
I am starting back up tomorrow though.

Pink eye

It has struck our house. 😦

Poor little Maddox looks awful. And he has a bad cold on top of it. And so does big brother Alex. They both look so, so pitiful.

I am sitting here listening to my 10 year old play with his 2 year old brother. I honestly think the laughter I hear is the sweetest sound ever.

I am the SAHM of 4 wild & crazy boys. Andrew is 13, Austin is 10, Alex is 5, & Maddox is 2. With that age range we have everything from The Wiggles to Guitar Hero in our lives.